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Profile of FPNU

Fujian Polytechnic Normal University, approved by the Ministry of Education and established based on Fuqing Branch of Fujian Normal University, is a public university administered by Fujian Provincial Government. It has practiced undergraduate education for 21 years, dedicated to cultivating practical skill-oriented professionals and teachers for vocational education.It is the only university in Fujian Province that cultivates teachers for vocational education.FPNU is located in Fuqing, a millennium-old coastal city in the eastern part of Fujian Province, an emerging modern industrial port city and a well-known hometown of overseas Chinese.It has been awarded the “Civilized Campus” for the first and second sessions in Fujian Province and has been selected as the second batch of “Three Comprehensive Education” comprehensive reform pilot universities in Fujian Province.It has cooperated with Fuqing City Government, Xiamen City Education Bureau, etc. in the joint construction of seven affiliated secondary vocational schools, ten secondary vocational base schools, one affiliated secondary school, and one affiliated primary school.

Scale:Currently, the University consists of two campuses: Wumashan and Shizhushan, with a total land area of 1000 mu. FPNU comprises 13 faculties with 39 bachelor’s degree programs (including 6 provincial first-class undergraduate major construction sites), 3 master’s degree cultivating subjects and 6 joint-cultivating master's programs. The University’s full-time undergraduate enrolment exceeds 11,600.

Facilities:The University boasts a complete range of teaching and research facilities, and a library with a large collection of books (including e-books). The university has a university students’ innovation and entrepreneurship incubation base and a Fuzhou city entrepreneurship and innovation demonstration center.There are all kinds of provincial platforms for education and scientific research, teaching demonstration centers, as well as off-campus professional training bases (centers). There are also national occupational skill testing authorities and education bases for training vocational ability and quality, provincial vocational education teacher training centers, and provincial continuing education bases.The university has taken the lead in establishing the Fujian Provincial Vocational Education Teachers Development Alliance, which is permanently chaired by FPNU. The alliance has more than 138 members and essentially covers all secondary vocational schools in the province.

Teaching Faculty:Currently, there are 512 teaching staff in FPNU with 45.7% of them professors or associate professors and 86.5% of them with a master’s degree or above. There are scholars awarded the titles of national“Ten Thousand Talents Plan” Outstanding Talents, experts entitled to State Council Special Allowance, national “Four One-Batch” talents, Fujian Province Class A talents and professors supported by Minjiang River Scholars Program.

Scientific Research:The university has established provincial research institutions, such as the “Belt and Road” Foreign Cooperation Sci-tech Innovation Platform, the Vocational Education Morality Education Research Center, the Higher Education Research Innovation Platform, Fuzhou expert workstations and Industry Technology Innovation Centers.There are also Japanese Studies Center, China-Indonesia Industrial Cooperation Research Center, Huangbo Culture and Maritime Silk Road Institute, Vocational Education High-Quality Development Institute, Overseas Chinese and Integrated Chinese and Foreign Culture Research Center, Southeast International Communication and English Writing Center, and the Arts and Crafts Institute, etc. In recent years, FPNU has undertaken 190 government-sponsored research projects both at national and provincial levels, in addition to more than 550 projects commissioned by the government, enterprises and institutions, and has obtained more than 400 authorized patents.

Campus Culture:Provincial Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture Education Demonstration Base, “Quest for Truth Lecture Hall”, a Provincial Excellent Forum on Philosophy as well as Social Sciences and “One Hundred Talents” Forum, a high-end talent exchange platform for experts of Fujian’s “Hundred Talents Program” were set up in FPNU.The university has established the province’s only university student equestrian team, and hosts the provincial university student sports association fencing branch. FPNU has characteristic campus culture brands, including Scholarly Campus, Happy Entrepreneurship and Night Talk under Camphor Trees, etc.Renowned experts and scholars like Nobel Prize winner Mo Yan, Academician Liu Changsheng of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Academician Qu Jinping of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Wei Haisheng, a chief expert of the national high-end think tank “Overseas Chinese Research”have attended various forums in the university and given guidance.

Opening-up Activities:In recent years,actively connectedwith the “Belt and Road” Initiative and focusing on the industrial needs of China and Indonesia’s “Two Countries Twin Parks” program, FPNU has vigorously carried out international exchanges and cooperation, expanding the university’s open education pattern. The university has established friendly relations with more than 30 universities and research institutions in countries and regions such as Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, and New Zealand to carry out cooperation in aspects of exchange of teachers and students, talents training and scientific research, etc. FPNU is qualified to enroll foreign students and students from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan. It has enrolled students from Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Laos, and Vietnam.

Social Services:Based in southeast Fujian, FPNU is deeply integrated into the regional socio-economic development, and closely follows the industry development needs. The university collaborates with industrial parks, industry alliances, and leading enterprises to jointly establish seven modern industrial colleges, among them, Yuanhong Food Industry Academy and Chemical New Materials Industry Academy have been selected as provincial-level modern industry academies.

The data above is up to date as of September 2023